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About the Finance Academy

The Finance Academy has been training finance and business skills for twenty years.  Based near St Paul's in London, we have delivered excellent finance and business training around the world for a wide range of organizations. 


About Eddie Chauncy

Eddie Chauncy, lead trainer, is a business and finance trainer with an extensive track record in training delivery and design.  He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, and has over twenty years' practical and training experience in both commercial and non-profit sectors.

He likes to attend to each individual in his courses, and considers that his job is done only when every person in the room feels more confident, and that the day was more interesting and helpful than they expected.

He works with a small team of the best trainers; together they cover the key areas of business and finance training.

Making business and finance easier to understand

Our trademark training style is inclusive, friendly and engaging, and we specialize in bringing finance and business understanding to those for whom such subjects are difficult, intimidating or boring.  We have presented sessions for as few as two and as many as two hundred, and Eddie has appeared on BBC radio several times to help explain and discuss business matters.

Communication, thinking and writing skills

In recent years, we have added to our portfolio courses in leadership, communication and thinking skills.  Having strengthened the depth of our psychological expertise, we continue to develop methodologies for the effective development of good thinking skills in individuals and organizations.

We also deliver courses in business writing and grammar, designed to enhance the written English communication skills of your team.

Educational support for adults

We have an abiding interest in adult learning.  Eddie Chauncy has assisted at board level in the development of strategic plans for adult learning institutions, as well as providing commercial support for a number of educational and creative academies.  He has also performed work for examining authorities, reviewing English financial and language examination papers for accuracy, balance and fairness.

Life balance

As well as delivering excellent training, we take an interest in work-life balance, and are always seeking ways to help make individual delegates' lives freer, simpler and easier to self-manage.  We believe that it is impossible to separate wellbeing from good learning; and that financial and business competence is at its best when matched by the ability to make today wiser than yesterday.

You would love working with us if...

If you believe that, alongside excellent financial and business skills, it is also important to develop good people and relationships... then please do get in touch!  We'd love to work with you.