courses and services

Financial training

We run great courses for managers and staff who need a from-the-ground-up introduction to finance, giving them the essentials they need to do their job, including understanding accounts, ratios, management accounts, budgeting and more.  We also run excellent follow-on courses for those who have completed basic courses, or need a more advanced approach.  We tailor our courses for specific sectors and companies.  For instance, our financial courses for companies within the telecommunications industry can take into account the specific company, its position within the industry, and its business objectives for the coming year.

Finance for non-financial managers

Financial coaching

If you or your staff need personal training in financial skills, we can provide individual coaching to any level, from basic to advanced, at your own pace.

Writing and communication skills

We also run courses on essential thinking skills for business, including strategic thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking and positive thinking.